Stop Smoking

Picture of cigarette butts

The South East Public Health Observatory (SEPHO) estimates that smoking related illnesses cost businesses an extra £370m annually and that the net cost of cigarette breaks is £1.2bn a year. A recent Swedish study reported that the average smoker takes eight days more sick leave annually and spends an extra thirty minutes a day smoking. As a result of these and other expenses, a smoker costs 12% more to employ than a non smoker.

A combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP has been proven to be the most effective anti smoking treatment. This one-off treatment will help to increase the willpower needed to stop smoking, reduce nicotine cravings and break the emotional ties to smoking. It directly addresses the psychological triggers and cravings that make quitting so difficult. This allows employees to develop a comfortable and smoke free daily routine.

When many smokers read the terrifying health facts about smoking their first reaction is not to give up but to light up! How can this be?

We all have habits. Some habits are so well ingrained that they feel like they are part of us. Trying to change any habit can cause disruption and personal distress.

If you are a smoker it can feel as though your habit is here to stay. Giving up smoking can feel like an impossible task Even terrifying statistics don’t seem enough to motivate you to quit. For example it is common knowledge that:

Everyone knows that the drug nicotine makes smoking addictive. This is not the real reason that smoking is hard to give up. Kicking nicotine addiction is about as unpleasant as having a cold and after less than three weeks the addiction to nicotine is over. Most smokers have given up for more than three weeks – and then started again. Why does this happen?

Smoking is habit forming – the nagging need for nicotine gives us hundreds of little triggers that remind us it is time to have another cigarette. When the addiction has gone these triggers remain. It is these triggers – and the cravings they cause- that make quitting forever so difficult. This is also why people who try using nicotine gum or patches still crave for a cigarette.

If you really want to give up smoking then a combination of Hypnosis and NLP is the answer. The treatment, which lasts two hours, is a calming, relaxing and empowering experience.