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Effective Life provides a cost effective solution for businesses seeking to manage the causes and symptoms of stress, offering onsite healthcare interventions tailored to meet individual needs and corporate goals. Our experience in supporting a contented, effective staff allows businesses to get peak performance from employees who are free to focus on their work.  

Employees experience stress in a variety of different ways for a number of different reasons. The current economic climate has caused a stress epidemic which needs effective and timely management, both for the good of the individual and for the companies that rely upon them.

With this in mind Effective Life offers a wide range of interventions each providing its own unique programme with benefits. Some focus on psychological wellbeing and others on physical wellbeing and relaxation. Employers or employees simply choose the intervention best suited to their needs.

Each intervention is already well established in healthcare clinics and has become increasingly popular in businesses and companies. In addressing the causes of stress we reduce the symptoms.  The benefits of this for the individual are clear.  The benefits for a company include: increased productivity, improved communication, enhanced effectiveness, confidence, dedication and team work due to relaxed, happy, re-motivated employees; reduced staff turnover and absenteeism.

Effective Life are a highly trained, experienced and dedicated team. Over the years we have enhanced the lives and performances of many business men and women. The critical role that Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) play in effective companies is now more completely understood. Contact us to discover how we can bring these benefits to your company.

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Psychological Wellbeing

Woman bodyTackling work-related stress is essential to ensure the well-being of both you and your employees and to safeguard your business performance. Stress, depression and anxiety are the cause of more working days lost than any other work-related illness. What is healthy pressure for one person can be debilitating stress or ‘burn-out’ for another. Psychological health and wellbeing is complex. It is necessary to understand its importance and take care of it.

It is impossible to escape pressure at work altogether. Employees need to learn how to manage stress effectively. Effective Life offers an opportunity to engage in a confidential relationship with a health care professional. We provide a variety of interventions specifically designed to address the mental and emotional needs of employees, working with both personal and professional issues. These include:

Practitioners do not dictate to employees what they should or should not be feeling or doing, instead they work with employees as part of a team. They encourage employees to take an active role in the therapeutic process and teach them the appropriate tools and techniques. This approach maximises the benefits of each intervention and allows employees to reduce stress competently and independently outside of the sessions.

Proven benefits include:

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Physical Wellbeing

Man having massage

Mind and body are inseparable and our physical health is very important for our overall sense of wellbeing. Massage can bring both immediate relief and long term protection from many of the symptoms of stress. Reduction of these symptoms has been demonstrated to reduce overall stress levels and increase motivation and productivity. Treatment can involve Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage or Aromatherapy, depending on the employees’ needs and preferences.

Deep tissue treatments work on the soft tissues of the body to help relieve muscular tension that can develop through stress. Various degrees of pressure and stretching movements are applied to areas of muscular tension and spasm to help alleviate discomfort and promote healing. Swedish massage is a gentler technique and is used for pure relaxation although it too has the ability to aid a range of stress related conditions, such as headaches, insomnia and fatigue. Aromatherapy uses individually chosen and blended essential oils in combination with massage. It is a safe way to improve a variety of stress related conditions such as psoriasis, indigestion and migraine.

Proven benefits include:

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